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Camp Fires and Camp Cooking
A Civil War era cook book written by Captain James M. Sanderson out of concern that Union soldiers were not eating well.

The Civil War Papers of Lt. Colonel Newton T. Colby, New York Infantry
The diary of Newton Colby which details his military service with the 23rd New York. Colby and the 23rd spent several months in Arlington during the Civil War and were involved with the August 27, 1861 Ball's Crossroads Skirmish which took place in…

Four Years with the Army of the Potomac
The Regis de Trobriand was a Brevet Major General with the United States Volunteers. He started the war with the 55th New York Volunteer Regiment (Gardes de Lafayette). He visited General Wadsworth on Upton's Hill after the Union Army moved to…

History of the Civil War in America
The Comte de Paris who served as an Aide-de-Camp with General George McClellan wrote a two volume account of the Civil War. He spent some time on Upton's Hill.

Back "In War Times": History of the 144th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry
History of the 144th regiment. Starting on page 66 great detail about life at Camp Bliss on Upton's Hill

Gilbert Crocker's Civil War
A history of the 24th New York with a significant amount of detail regarding their stay at Upton's Hill

Thirteenth Regiment of New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865
Three year history of the 13th Regiment of the New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War

James S. Wadsworth of Geneseo
The life of James S. Wadsworth - Brevet Major-General of United States Volunteers

Camp Fires of the Twenty-Third
Regimental history of the 23rd New York Volunteer Regiment
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