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2013-2-Forts AHS.pdf
an overview of what it was like for Union soldiers that manned the forts located in Arlington during the war.

balloons of the civil war.pdf
A study on the effectiveness of the use of balloons in military operations

local newspaper from Alexandria, Virginia

General Order No. 45.png
General Order No. 45 announcing the change of name of Fort Ramsey

Buffalo_Morning_Express_and_Illustrated_Buffalo_Express_Thu__Mar_20__1862_bold soger.jpg
An account of the 21st New York leaving Upton's Hill on their way to Manassas. "Bould Sogger" was a soldier in the 21st writing back to the Buffalo Express on his experiences. Bould Sogger is slang for "Bold Soldier" and is written in a familiar…

A loyal Virginian.jpg
Charles Upton writes a letter in support of Gen. Wadsworth and his occupation of his property on Upton's Hill. Upton praises Wadsworth for his efforts to promote goodwill with the locals and the difficult job that he had in "this debateable land."

Batteries on Upton's.jpg
A newspaper account of observing rebel artillery on Upton's Hill and about the former congressman's house.

Army of the Potomac .jpg
A very detailed account of the Confederate positions near Falls Church. The correspondent discusses the strength of the Confederate defenses and the possibility of Union General McClellan attacking. Also discusses the possibility of the…

Letter from the Twen.jpg
Several stories regarding the 21st New York regiment that is camped at Upton's Hill and on picket duty in Falls Church. Includes a story about Chaplain Robbie and a church service.
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