Notes of the Rebellion

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Notes of the Rebellion


Northern farmers in Alexandria


An overview of the impact of northern farmers who emigrated to Virginia and their impact on local politics in Alexandria and Fairfax



New York TImes


November 1, 1861


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NOTES OF THE REBELLION. ATFAIES IN FAIRFAX COUNTY, YA. grotnuR rxKMKM in TiMuu-ancuci o OtTBXUT EKIGKATXOM IOKTHXU ftXHS. ADIS, TC. CorrtsjfomAmee of the Nevs-Yerk Timet. WAsaaeroB, Saturday, Oct- 26, 1861. A year tine over one-third of the resident pop, ulatloaof Fairfax Cooatr wer men of Northern birth and their families. About fifteen years since, Attracted or th salubrkrasoesj of the climate aad Jb beauty of the country, a number of Northern farmers removed W Ttlrfat ami Alexandria Counties with their families. The country was then la a miserable condition the ton exhausted by the thriftiest system, of slave culUvaUoa and many farms, watch bad . been the homesteads of obi Virginia famtles, had gona to rain and were la some eases covered with yung ; pines which were allowed tc grow Bp every where. , Wherever a Northern farmer bought a worft out farnt two or three years safieed to bring It op to aa xeJ lent condition. Others came aad wer continuing t eome until the war broke oat, at which time they con- . sUtuted alalia and laxuentM class of the population. They settled generally ia the eastera part of the county, and are to be found most numerous betweea " Dralnsrllle and Alexandria.' Croups of four or five families are to be found la other parts of the county, and between CentreviMe and Manassas Northern families are not anfrequently met. ' ' ! The Northern settlers rarely buy slaves, but euItV , vate their farms with free labor, la some instances ' where their eons have married into Southern families, they have become possessed of a negro or two ; but , in these Instances, the relation has generally been one of a voluntary character. ' , . To Illustrate the Influence of Northern emigration upon the value of real estate, I will state a fact of two. Between Lasolst's and Lewlnsvllle, on the north , aide of the road, Is a splendid old Virginia mansion, with a hundred acres of land. Twelv years since, the estate wis bought by a Northern fanner from Or- leans County, New-York, for 18 an acre ; two years . ago be soli It to the present proprietor for $150. , About the same time, another estate of one hundred and forty acres, norm of fr ails Church, was purchased by a Northern nmn at 48 t a year ago it would have readily sold for $74. Many of the localities w hlch have recently achieved such a itomrnence in the history of events are on the property of Northern men. Mud ton's Hill is so " named from Mr. Mossob, a Northern man, whose residence is situated twenty rods distant. Baiut, a Westchester County man, and who has a spacious house, used as a Summer resort, and a fine farm, is prominently known by the Cross Roads that bear his name. Upton's Hill is so called from a Massachusetts man of thai name, and now a strong redoubt built in front of his huue is called Fort Upton, fsxiiss, an Orleans County man, has a hill, whereupon was built by the rebels mi earthwork, whlrh has been christened by the New-York. Thirty-tilth, Port Shadaddle. Bxa-sitt, of Garrett's Hill, is a New-York man. Then there ere the Wiser from Maine, the U la is dells from Massachusetts, the Obcctts from Ncw-Yoik, the II at ksm, and m in y o ners. The Nortnern settlers are almostunanimous for the . Union, and though they have suffered great losses by 'reason of the wai, most of them having been com-pelted to detert their homes after Bull Run, they have aided the 4J nlon cause In every way they could. ' Some are acting as guides, others in villous capacl-' ties under the Uoverument. There are, however, a few renegade Northern men. Mooss, the ros master at Falls Church, is a North ern man, but his loyalty being suspected, he was arrested and brought before Lieut. Ton pubs, who ad-' ministered to him the oath of alleriance. ' He took it. but after Bull Kun was again hand and glove with the rebels. lie stent to Richmond to purchase goods, ; where he still remains, probably fearing to come back. Smbbbooo, a Northern farmer, residing a mile north of Falls Cbuich, Is a Secessionist of the most rabid school, and is now in the rebel array. Take Alexandria and Fairfax Counties through, the everywhere prevailing names of Virginia fa m Hie are the Balls, the Minors, the Hunters, the Gunnells, the ' Johnsons, the Febreys and the Powells. Subtract these families from the population, and the Northern families would be In the majority.


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