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text describing C.H. Upton as one of the publishers of the Zanesville Daily Courier

Report on the recent Battle of Vienna, and the display of a secession flag captured by the First Virginia Regiment, that was presented to Charles Upton and his daughter (Mrs. R.E. Throckmorton) by the Ladies Union Aid Association of Wheeling

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A brief editorial responding to S. S. Cox who continues to attack Congressman Upton and his eligibility to be a representative from the state of Virginia

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According to Cox - "This Upton was, until recently, an editor and part owner of the Zanesville Courier. ....We suppose the truth about the matter is, that Upton was about Washington looking for an office, failing, went down to Alexandria and fixed…

Ball's Cross Road Sk.jpg
"The advance of a large reconnoitering force of Confederate troops in the neighborhood of Ball's Cross Roads, and the destruction of the property of known Union men were renewed this morning." Mentions Basil Hall and Charles Upton.

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"The Union men in Virginia who occupy the Congressional District on the Potomac, including Fairfax county, will run a candidate for the Federal Congress. The latest news from that region states that Charles H. Upton, of Fairfax, agrees to run.

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An overview of the political confusion as to the local, state and national government Virginia leaders due to the war. Very good documentation and sources describing the election of Charles H. Upton as a congressman in Virginia's 7th Congressional…

A Trip on Picket - V.jpg
A Confederate soldier's account of reaching Upton's Hill and the view of Washington. He describes "the black-republican congress man's house (Upton's) and noted it had two cannon ball holes from a recent attack driving Union soldiers out. …

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A report on members of Congress questioning Charles Upton's eligibility to be a member of the House of Representatives due to accounts of his voting in Ohio.

The Ohio Troops Rece.jpg
Charles Upton presents a gift of a captured rebel flag from West Virginia to the Ohio Troops at Camp Upton
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