Charles H. Ballou and the 1st Ohio Volunteer Regiment

Soldiers with Rifles in the Woods

Charles H. Ballou, a professional engraver, was born 1840 in Ohio. He served as private in the 1st Ohio Volunteer regiment.  The Ohio soldiers were part of President Lincoln's initial call-up of 75,000 troops to defend the Capital.  Arriving in Arlington in early June of 1861 the 1st Ohio established camp in Four Mile Run Valley at the base of Upton's Hill.

Ballou sketched drawings of soldiers and camp scenes from June to September 1861 while stationed in Arlington.  His drawings captured an important moment in history. The 1st Ohio was tasked with protecting the bridges of the Alexandria, Loudon, & Hampshire railroad.  On several occaisions the bridges were destroyed by Confederate troops. The 1st Ohio would eventually take part in the June 17, 1861 Battle of Vienna in an attempt by Ohio General Robert C. Schenck to secure the railroad. 


Cleveland Public Library. Fine Arts and Special Collections Department.