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Additional Reading

The following is a list of recommended books that focus on the early Civil War and Arlington:

A Virginia Village Goes to War:
Falls Church During the Civil War
by Bradley E. Gernand

The Glories of War:
Small Battles and Early Heroes of 1861
by Charles P. Poland Jr.

Longstreet’s Aide:
The Civil War Letters of Major Thomas J. Goree
Edited by Thomas W. Cutrer

Civil War:
Northern Virginia 1861
By William S. Connery

Reveille In Washington 1860-1865
By Margaret Leech

The Civil War Papers of Lt. Colonel Newton T. Colby, New York Infantry:
Falls Church During the Civil War
Edited by William E. Hughes

Lincoln’s Citadel:
The Civil War in Washington, DC
by Kenneth J. Winkle

The Civil War Awakening
by Adam Goodheart

The Siege of Washington:
The Untold Story of the Twelve Days that Shook the Union
By John Lockwood and Charles Lockwood