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Upton's Hill in Alexandria, Virginia, present day Arlington, near the border of Falls Church

Fort Ramsay
Fort Ramsay was one of three forts built on or near Upton's Hill. in late fall of 1861. The other two were Fort Buffalo and Fort Taylor.

Camp artifacts discovered on Upton's Hill. They include railroad spike used as a horse tie down stake. Camp lead. Cast iron frying pan handle. Minie Balls and Round Ball.

23rd New York.JPG
Soldiers of the 23rd New York regiment at a camp in Arlington, Virginia

Morrison and the 30th New York camped on Upton's Hill. His diary provides much background on the daily life of Union soldiers in Arlington.

1960-3-Civil-War AHS Forts.pdf
An overview of Union forts in Arlington

1987-6-Civil Graffit Arlington House.pdf
A story about a Union soldier names John Chapman who left his graffiti at Arlington House.

An account of the 154th New York Regiment at Camp Seward in Arlington. Lost of interest first hand accounts of the soldiers and their experience in camp.
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