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The Advance of Gen. .jpg
A news report from Washington describing General George McClellan and the Union Army's advances unto Munson and Upton hills after the withdrawal of Confederate forces.

Affairs Along the Li.jpg
A report from Washington describing the aftermath of the Confederate forces withdrawal from Munson and Upton's Hill and the Union Army advances in the area. Many interesting observations about the remaining Confederate earthworks and fortifications.

local newspaper from Alexandria, Virginia

cw railroad - fourmile run.jpg
photographs associated with the Alexandria, Loudon, & Hampshire Railroad

Alfred Waud.png
Photograph of well known Civil War illustrator Alfred Waud

An example of the petition required to release former enslaved persons from servitude

Army Meat Market Becker.jpg
Recto: no text.
Verso: "An Army Meat Market // The Butcher // Nov 23rd, [Signed] J.B."
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