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"The advance of a large reconnoitering force of Confederate troops in the neighborhood of Ball's Cross Roads, and the destruction of the property of known Union men were renewed this morning." Mentions Basil Hall and Charles Upton.

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A Confederate report on the Ball's Cross Roads skirmish. Great detail of the rebel units that participated and the activities of Major Terril and JEB Stewart. Worth looking at the ads in the paper as well.

Front page news account of military activity near Ball's Cross Roads. The NY Times reported the account of the skirmish from Col. H. C. Hoffman from the New York 23rd regiment.

The diary of Newton Colby which details his military service with the 23rd New York. Colby and the 23rd spent several months in Arlington during the Civil War and were involved with the August 27, 1861 Ball's Crossroads Skirmish which took place in…
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