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Representation in the National Congress from the Seceding States.pdf
Accounts of how the US Congress dealt with members representing seceding states.

Buffalo_Morning_Express_and_Illustrated_Buffalo_Express_Thu__Mar_20__1862_bold soger.jpg
An account of the 21st New York leaving Upton's Hill on their way to Manassas. "Bould Sogger" was a soldier in the 21st writing back to the Buffalo Express on his experiences. Bould Sogger is slang for "Bold Soldier" and is written in a familiar…

local newspaper from Alexandria, Virginia

working party at Upton Hill.png
A Union army working party approaching Fort Ramsay on Upton's Hill.

General George McClellan's Grand Review at Bailey's Crossroads

On this page Mr. Waud has illustrated for us the Army Telegraph. Of this important institution he says: “The army signal-telegraph has been so far perfected that in a few hours quite a large force can be in constant connection with head-quarters.…

Photograph shows the Long Bridge across the Potomac River from the Virginia shore.

1862 Army of the United States discharge papers for private Charles H. Ballou, 7th Ohio Infantry. Ballou was originally enlisted in the 1st Ohio Infantry Regiment for 3 months. In September 1861 he reenlisted in the 7th Ohio Infantry Regiment. The…

George Mallory CDV front.jpg
Portrait of Captain George Mallory of the 14th Regiment of the New York State Militia from Brooklyn . The portrait was taken at a photography studio located on Upton's Hill.
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