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Camp Upton 1st Regiment Penn. Militia 1861.jpg
1st Pennsylvania Militia at Camp Upton located near Four Mile Run

23rd NY Infantry.jpg
Soldiers of the 23rd New York Infantry in camp

23rd New York Regiment soldiers at their camp in Arlington

8th New York at Camp McDowell, Arlington Heights

1987-6-Civil Graffit Arlington House.pdf
A story about a Union soldier names John Chapman who left his graffiti at Arlington House.

A Good Soldier at Arlington House, 1861-1864 – Arlington Historical Society.pdf
Robert Knox Sneden (1832-1918) was an architectural draftsman and American landscape artist. During the Civil
War he served as a private in Company D of the 40th New York Infantry and as a topographical engineer in the
Third Corps of the Army of…

Buffalo_Morning_Express_and_Illustrated_Buffalo_Express_Thu__Mar_20__1862_bold soger.jpg
An account of the 21st New York leaving Upton's Hill on their way to Manassas. "Bould Sogger" was a soldier in the 21st writing back to the Buffalo Express on his experiences. Bould Sogger is slang for "Bold Soldier" and is written in a familiar…

A loyal Virginian.jpg
Charles Upton writes a letter in support of Gen. Wadsworth and his occupation of his property on Upton's Hill. Upton praises Wadsworth for his efforts to promote goodwill with the locals and the difficult job that he had in "this debateable land."

A Trip on Picket - V.jpg
A Confederate soldier's account of reaching Upton's Hill and the view of Washington. He describes "the black-republican congress man's house (Upton's) and noted it had two cannon ball holes from a recent attack driving Union soldiers out. …
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