Vermont Journal October 5, 1861

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Vermont Journal October 5, 1861


Union capture of Munson's Hill


Several accounts of Union activity on Munson's and Upton's Hills. Describes Gen. McClellan sending eight regiments to occupy the area. Also mentions a "horrible blunder" where Union troops moving to occupy Falls Church fired at each other near Vanderwerken's and Vandberg's houses.


L. J. McIndoe correspondent


Vermont Journal




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Monday, Sept. 30th, CAPTURE OF MUNSON'S HILL:

Munson's Hill, from which the rebels have for some time been threatening our lines, and on which they have been at considerable pains to erect fortifications, has been evacuated by them, and the position is now in possession of our troops. About 10 o'clock, Sunday morning, our pickets reported that the rebel pickets had been withdrawn, information of which fact was tele-rrsinhed to Gen McClellan, who, in the afternoon went over with his staff, and sent forward Gen. Richardson, with a body of troops, to take possession of the hill. This he did. without opposition, and found that the rebels had taken everything of value with them. Eight regiments were immediately moved forward, with sufficient support, and the position will be permanently held by our troops. The probable reason for the evacuation is the fact that the hill is commanded by Upton's Hill, which was already in our possession, and the rebels feared an attack, which, they could not successfully resist.

Munson's hill occupied by federal troops,

Within the last forty-eight hours, in tinrtant. nh.wes have been made in the dis nosition of the two armies now fronting each other across the Potomac. The evacuation of Munson's Hill, it appears, was but one movement in the general retirement of the rebel lines. Munson's Hill, Upton's hill Fall's Church, and other important strategic points lately occupied by the enemy, are now in possession of the national troops, who will hold them until it becomes proper to take up still more advanced positions. Fall's Church was occupied early yesterday morning bv the pickets from Gen Smith's division, without opposition.



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